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Breakthrough Coaching

Training in the areas of communication, relationships, money management and finance, teamwork, leadership and more.

Professional Hospitality

Events that build community, celebrating a holistic lifestyle built on the foundational elements of mind, body and spirit.

Martial Arts Training

Gain confidence and break through boundaries, both physically and mentally, with traditional Taekwon-Do practice.

What people are saying...

Life, Death and Change

Life, Death and Change

When I saw Wylie carrying the dead rooster’s body out of the bushes, I felt immediately sad but then it quickly passed as I realized it was part of the life on a hobby farm like ours. We’ve lost three chickens since that initial rooster, the last one at the paws of our own simple […]

Checking in with Fall

Checking in with Fall

Driving back up to Ramona last week, I noticed the first signs of Fall. It’s worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. First, it was actually Labor Day weekend signaling for many the end of summer. (I usually use the Autumnal Equinox as a measure to get myself a few more weeks of summer.) Second, […]