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Committed to the Improvement of Mind, Body & Spirit

Dawn-Marie Sardinas

Before opening the Dome Asylum to the public in 2015, I spent over 10 years as a master martial arts instructor, personal development coach and program leader. Today, I am bringing my decades of experience together to support you in achieving your goals.

I’m a martial artist, entrepreneur and personal empowerment coach who can help you clarify and achieve your goals in the areas of

  • - business & career 
  • - money management & finances 
  • - relationships & communication 
  • - health & wellness

I am passionate about empowering people to make bold changes in their own lives.

So, how can I help you?

Individual Coaching

Do you have dreams that go beyond your blue collar roots? Do you want to get better at managing your finances? Do you want to create something more than what’s predictable for you and your life?

Event Services

Events that build community, celebrating a holistic lifestyle built on the foundational elements of mind, body and spirit.

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Set Yourself Up to Win

Set Yourself Up to Win

Big games break down into small games. Marathons break down into sprints. When you’re playing a big game, you want to set yourself up with small wins along the way. These will build your confidence and momentum.  For example, when I developed the game plan for the Punkin Project, I knew that to build a […]